Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Hypocrite's Thanksgiving

If these darn kids, all three of them born past their due dates - healthy - in hospitals with state of the art technology in case they were not, would leave me alone for TWO seconds to write my obligatory "Why I'm Thankful Today" blog, it might make me the happiest mother this side of the Philippines which I'm pretty sure is still trying to recover from that recent weather crisis. Anyhow, I always feel like I need to take some time to - now what?? I can't even remember what that buzzer was for - perhaps the giant ham in the oven, maybe the potatoes or carrots or apple pie or rolls - oh, for Pete's sake, I can't remember with a kitchen full of food! If I had my own office in this four bedroom Upper Westside apartment overlooking Morningside Park, two blocks from Columbia University and ten blocks north of Central Park - perhaps one of the most beautiful parks in the world - I might be able to get some writing done. But no - I'm sitting in this warm apartment - make that HOT since I can't control the heat and have to open the windows to let the extra heat go out into the twenty degrees... Anyhow. So back to what I'm thankful for - seriously?? I just answered two texts from family and now ANOTHER one from one of our four living grandparents, both couples who will have been married for fifty years and in relatively good health and happy spirits. If I ever get done with this obligatory blog on what makes me thankful, yadda yadda yadda, I'll give my mom a call to see how she's doing since my grandmother passed away last weekend - at the young age of 94 and surrounded by friends and family with good insurance and hospice care. I'm rambling. Maybe I'll get back to this during my paid five day vacation - we'll see. In the meantime, I should probably brainstorm about what makes me thankful.

I jest. Too many blessings to count. Wishing all a wonderful Thanksgiving ~


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